HTML.Reality.a by -KD- [Metaphase VX Team & NoMercyVirusTeam]

Virus Author: -KD- of [Metaphase VX Team] & [NoMercyVirusTeam] March 98.
Virus Name..: HTML.Reality.b
Virus Target: HTT, ASP, HTM, HTML Files.
Target OS...: Windows 98 [IE 4.0 +].
Virus Info..: First HTML Virus To Carry A Payload Of A Asm Virus.
                   Specail Thanks to Buz[FS] for Microbuz 1.0
Payload.....: Yes.
AntiAV......: Reg Editing.
Greets......: foxz, SinixstaR, Sblip, Crazh, Buz, nUcLeii, Masey, ULTRAS, Tally, Demonphreak_,
darkman, Owl, 1nternal, Asmhead, Evil-E, Slagehammer, and everyone in #vir and #virus