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Product Overview    (Italian Version)

AntiMafia is a Windows based program for the co-ordination of associative actions.
The user interface allows for the creation of social events based upon the co-operation of other peer computers operating AntiMafia.
Communication between AntiMafia programs is effected via the Gnutella protocol, implemented according to the latest version of the specification published on the Internet, together with the L.O.V.E. (Last Option Versus Enterprises) protocol for management of synchronisation.

The Community
The AntiMafia user group is known by the name AntiMafia and access to the group is afforded through a simple Internet connection and the use of the AntiMafia program.
A computer thus connected is known as an AntiMafia node.
Antimafia offers users the possibility to create events and to insert them in a published list, which is shared amongst the other AntiMafia users.

The Events
The events thus created are given a name and are defined by a number of parameters including a description of the event, a URL identifier address, a starting date, time and duration, the type of activity and a minimum number of participating nodes.
The type of activity defines a sequence of actions, which each node follows at the start of the Antimafia event.

The Users
Users can access the published list and indicate their willingness to subscribe to one or more events, although actual participation is optional and dependant upon the presence of the user's computer at the predefined moment of event initiation.
The Antimafia program automatically synchronises the subscribing nodes and controls the associated actions.

The Success
However the event is only activated at the pre-defined moment and for the specified duration, provided that the minimum number of participants has been achieved.
The synchronisation of the nodes is automatic requiring no action on the part of the user to whom the process is transparent.
An event, following its successful execution is indicated as having been completed and then deleted from the published list.